Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thank You For Being a Friend, Stephen Harper

Thank you Stephen Harper, for being a friend. You and your negative ads are truly the greatest help to us. I could just kiss your feet, your the greatest God in the known Universe. Words cannot describe how much I could just kiss you right now for handing us the greatest gift of Hyprocrisy.

Oh Stephen, did you not run an ad telling us that the Liberal Party was going to be running a negative campaign? Did you not run these advertisements and claim that the Liberal party was going to lie and distort your record? Well, Stephen my sad little friend, you've been too busy reading your crystal ball and not seeing what you did.

In fact, my dear Mr. Harper, you have indeed shown the gigantic hypocrisy, in fact the Liberals have gone positive my sweet little man child, contrary to your astounding predictions.

Stephen lets just analyze your ad my little friend, it reeks of desperation, sugar. Stevie you just are so desperate for power, my little darling, that you will say anything and do anything to hold that office of the Prime Minister. Stephen you are a true friend to everyone in the Liberal Party.

Stevie my friend, take a look at your overtly-negative first advertisement. My God, Stephen. The Emperor has no clothes, he is naked, he has been exposed as the fraud he is. First, you try and goad the Canadian people into believing that it's those evil, corrupt, godless Liberals that are going to run a negative campaign. Yet here you are with another pathetic attack ad.

Baby, I just love you so much for your tom-foolery I could give you a kiss, but why would I even do such a thing, after all Stephen you are a closet gay-hater aren't ya sugar?

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A BCer in Toronto said...

Damm you, now I've got the Golden Girls theme stuck in my head!