Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Views From The Left Once Again Endorses Gerard Kennedy

A few days after the 2006 election I wrote that:
Mr. Kennedy is young at a fresh 45, he is very charismatic and has singlehandedly changed the education system in Ontario, it is getting better because of him.

Having someone like him come from the outside of Ottawa will render Tory attacks with the sponsorship scandal useless.

He also ran a food bank which will be very appealing to the NDP constituency because they will definitely flock in groves to Kennedy.

He was born in the west as well, is bilingual and has experience.

This blog is proud to endorse Gerard Kennedy for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

And today he has decided to run for the Leadership of the Liberal Party, I will once again state my support for Gerard Kennedy's Bid for the Leadership of the Liberal Party.

I stated that he was outside of the Sponsorship Scandal and that is true. But I have met the man and I must say he is very nice and he comes across as a man with a lot of charisma. He is also young at 45, and he will have a huge advantage over Dion and Ignatieff because of his age. He is also a fresh face and I believe he can definitely go toe to toe with Stephen Harper. Whether he becomes Prime Minister, it is way to early to tell.

But I urge every Liberal to think with their head and support Gerard Kennedy. Michael Ignatieff has been out of this country for 30 years and we should not be supporting him, despite the fact I will agree that he has a fantastic mind. Stephane Dion is a good man and he's probably along with Ken Dryden my 2nd and third choices. I urge all Liberals to abandon Belinda Stronach, Scott Brison and Bob Rae. All three of these people have barely been in the Liberal Party. And Rae in particular should not be supported because he has only been in the party for one day. All three of these people have great strengths, they would be great ministers, but they are not Leadership Material.

So I once again will say that Gerard Kennedy has my support and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure he is the one to take on Stephen Harper in the next election.


Anonymous said...

Ignatieff has been a Liberal his whole life, you can't have your cake and eat it too if its being an outsider you want than with him you get it. Don't even pretend McGuinty doesn't have baggage. And to endorse someone you know so little about is ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Mr.Ignatieff may have been a life long Liberal but it sure wasn't here in Canada, maybe it was in England or the United States where he's been living the last 30 years. That begs the question, what has this guy done in Canada? After all he wants to be Prime Minister of Canada not one of the other countries he has spent most of his adult life. What contribution has he made to Canadian society? Has he even paid taxes in Canada or is he receiving his old age pension from America, after all he will soon be eligible for one. What entity has he ever run in Canada or elsewhere which gives him the right to be the head of the Canadian government? This guy has absolutely no link to the needs of the average Canadian. If Liberals think electing someone who has lived most of his life in other countries, in a self serving Academic bubble, is the person the average Canadian can relate to, they are preparing themselves for many years in opposition.