Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stronach Is Out

Ladies and Gents, I am able to report that Belinda Stronach will not be running in the liberal leadership race. I applaud Ms. Stronach for doing the right thing, she knew full well that she would be more of a detriment to the liberal team if she ran for Leadership.

That being said I was curious to read David Peterson telling Bob Rae to stay out of the leadership race. While Peterson cannot control Rae and what he wants to do. Mr. Peterson is 100% correct in stating that Mr. Rae is just a new liberal. I honestly do not believe we should be turning this party over to someone who has absolutely no history in this party. So I will please tell you that Mr. Rae you are the weakest link, goodbye.


s.b. said...

I'm not so sure she shouldn't have run. I wouldn't have supported her, but it could have been good practice for next time.

It disturbs me when I hear people saying that dropping out of the race is good for the Liberal party or Liberal unity. That's what happened last time and it wasn't good for the Party or good for Liberal unity.

It disturbs me that one of two women has decided not to run, and if Hall Findlay drops out there will be no women in the race. Mss. Stronach was harshley criticized in a way she would not have been were she a man. When men inherit companies from their father's it's normal. When women do, its nepotism etc etc. She has been called a dumb blond, a whore etc etc. It is most disturbing.

The Canadian said...

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