Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why I would have trouble supporting an Ignatieff Liberal Party.

Let me explain personally why I believe that Ignatieff isn't the right man to lead the liberal party and why I cannot believe that the party brass support him. I personally think Him or Rae would be a disaster for the Liberals and the fact there are people out there who actually believe they could win back government for us are completely out of their mind. If Michael Ignatieff wins the Leadership Election, I would have trouble supporting the party, the only way I would vote liberal is if my local candidate is strong and I've heard from my MP that she is seriously considering stepping down. If that is true then that would be what my vote is based on. Mr. Ignatieff is way too right wing for my taste, he would be Jack Layton's dream come true. He would give Jack Layton everything he needs to help make the case that the Liberals have shifted to the right. Many people will doubt what I say, I personally have a problem with someone like Iggy coming into my country and hijacking our party. It feels invasive. Mr. Ignatieff might make a good cabinet minister probably a foreign affairs minister. But in no way should this man be leader. Bob Rae is almost as worse. If Rae or Ignatieff are selected, The death of the Liberal Party will occur. I am basically at the point now where i hope either Dion or Kennedy win. They are the only ones who can help the liberal party.