Friday, June 23, 2006

Harper has no respect for the gay community

In one of the biggest slaps in the face to the gay community during the gay pride parade, we learn that our Prime Minister does not give a toss about a very serious epidemic that affects millions and millions of people. What this tells me is that Stephen Harper really has a serious problem with gays in this country.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why is this whining child in the house of commons?

Yesterday, resident child of the conservative party youth wing "Lucky Pierre" Poilievre flipped the bird along with his friend Jacques "no brains in his" Gourde in the house of commons. This is not just the first occurence of Poilievre's delinquency, in fact there is many more occurances of his sickening behaviour.

Poilievre also papers his constituents with flyers. He has sent out 19 of them in just over a year, plus four householders.

Some of it is sophomoric stuff of the sort you'd expect from someone running for head of a campus chapter of the party youth wing. One of Poilievre's recent flyers features Prime Minister Paul Martin on a three-dollar bill. As you might imagine, it says "phoney as a three dollar bill."

The same flyer asks these piercing questions. Do you agree that Paul Martin should stop making phoney promises? Tick yes or no. If I think Martin is beating his wife, can I write that in? Poilievre reminds constituents that they can return this scientific survey to him without postage, free mail being an MP's privilege. What a wise use of taxpayers' dollars. 1

Nice to know that Pierre Poilievre is a huge hypocrite, this guy once went after the Liberals for the sponsorship scandal and here he is wasting your money on partisan house holders.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Nepean—Carleton, CPC): Madam Speaker, we speak regularly on this side of the House, and quite rightly, about Liberal corruption, Liberal theft, Liberal fraud. We have to repeat ourselves often because that is often the only discussion item generated from that side of the House.

This evening I am going to venture into some different territory. I am going to talk about the fundamental difference in philosophy that divides this side of the House from that side, that separates Conservatives, who believe in freedom, from the NDP-Liberal coalition, a coalition of corruption and socialism. I am going to give a few examples to illustrate this point. By the time I am through members will be convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that our party represents a vision of freedom that all citizens of the country can embrace.

I am going to start by talking about economic policy. Across the way there is a party that takes dollars out of the pockets of assembly line workers and reallocates them into the pockets of high priced CEOs and blue chip billionaires. That is the social justice they talk about over there.

What did they do recently? It did not get widely reported. They sort of went under the radar screen. They took a quarter of a billion dollars, $250 million. That number rings a bell. Everyone thinks I am about to talk about the quarter of a billion dollars of Liberal theft in the sponsorship program.

Mr. Daryl Kramp: There's more?

Mr. Pierre Poilievre: It's worse.

This time they gave, this is the anti-American Liberal Party, a quarter of a billion dollar loan to a nearly bankrupt American airline company. They gave nearly a quarter of a billion dollar loan to--2

Mr. Poilievre might be one of the most vicious people in the entire conservative caucus when it comes to speaking.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre: Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. The member is referring directly to the Prime Minister by name. He should show some respect for that office and some respect for the House by following-

Mr. Pierre Poilievre: Mr. Speaker, the member will be waiting until it is a very cold day some place other than here before he gets an apology from me. I am proud to say that I am a member of a party that has exposed 13 years of brutal corruption unparalleled in Canadian history. I will never be silenced in speaking out against it.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre: If the Liberal government had continued with its plan, which we intend very proudly to cancel, that money would have been enough to perhaps provide a child care space for maybe 1 in 20 or 1 in 25 children. Our plan flows money to every single child. Why is the hon. member against a universal system that gives money to every child?

Poilieve was also caught recently using foul language in a committee meeting Lying about it, he changed his tune once the tape of his language was presented to him.3

Finally another gem from the mouth Poilievre.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the hon. member failed to discuss at any length the accountability act that will be the toughest anti-corruption law in Canadian history. Among other things, it will create an anti-corruption watchdog who will protect whistleblowers against bullying. It will end the revolving door between lobby firms and ministers' offices. It will give the Auditor General the power to shine light in every dark corner in her hunt for waste, theft and corruption. The member's party is familiar with all of those things.

Finally, it will ban big money and corporate cash from political campaigns altogether. These are concrete steps that will form the basis for the toughest anti-corruption law in Canadian history.

Why did the member not take at least a few moments to acknowledge those steps? Could it be that his party is shaking, that his party is terrified about the implications that those tough measures will have on the practises and modus operandi of his organization, the Liberal Party of Canada?

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, CPC): Mr. Speaker, it is abundantly clear that the sovereignists need corrupt Liberals to justify achieving sovereignty. Such is the extremely useful relationship they have with corrupt Liberals who, in turn, use the separatists as an excuse for their corruption, as we have seen in connection with the sponsorship scandal.

The hon. member may try to deny this relationship between the Bloc and the Liberals. She may not want to admit that the sovereignists need the corrupt Liberals to justify separation. Otherwise, is she prepared to say loud and clear that she supports our extending sitting hours in order to pass the accountability bill, which will thoroughly clean up politics in this country, and that she will work to have this bill passed by the Senate before the summer recess?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter: Vicious Venomous Witch

Ann Coulter's dispicable comments regarding the 9/11 widows brings civil discourse to a new low, Ann Coulter in my own opinion personally has a seat in hell waiting for her with the devils. Good for Hillary Clinton for going after this c**t because really if there was one woman who deserved to be called a c**t this is the one.

Ann Coulter personally is a shameless transexual plastic barbie doll who probably couldn't be where she is without spewing such venomous hate.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jamming with Stéphane Dion

As most of the Liberal Bloggers on this site were aware, I recieved an email from Stéphane Dion's campaign yesterday and decided to join the conference call today. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Dion some questions. I want you to keep in mind that I tried to type as fast as I can and realize I might have accidently mangled some views. If I am guilty of that, please do not hesitate to tell me I made a mistake.

Regarding Equalization Formula, recently Premier Lorne Calvert of Saskatchewan has gotten angry at Stephen Harper's perceived renegging of his promise to take out oil and gas revenues from the Equalization Formula. My Question to you is: What would you do to fix the equalization formula?

I think we (the federal government) made a mistake when we killed the equalization formula, The federal government should be helping provinces below the canadian average. We have accepted to see the amount of equalization go up by 3, 4 or 5% a year. The Rich provinces have got richer and the poor provinces have got poorer. The gap has becoming bigger and not narrower. I would add to the formula a ceiling that would cap the amount of equalization a province could receive.

How much Ethanol would you require in Gasoline?

I would require more then 10% Ethanol and use a Canadian Company (I forgot the name so I can't remember what it was) to produced a special type of ethanol (The ethanol does exist just can't remember what type it was called but it was basically a long name that started with an S}. I would oppose using corn imported from the United States.

What is your opinion on Kyoto?

Kyoto is demanding, but Kyoto does work, we had only begun to start meeting our kyoto targets. I hope that some time in the near future when I am Prime Minister we will hopefully be able to salvage Kyoto, If you look at a country like Sweden, It has some of the most efficient technology in the world and it operates fantastically under Kyoto.

Overall the interview was great, I was extremely impressed by the answers he gave and enjoyed talking to him.

Sleazy Joe Must Go

Joe Volpe has done the Liberal Party a tremendous disservice by taking donations from people not of legal age to donate. Volpe should have the fortitude to step down from this leadership race because he knows fullwell he has no chance at becoming Leader of the Party, let alone Prime Minister.

Personally, I find Mr. Volpe to be an extremely sleazy politician I think that his ethics and the kind of people he hangs around (Jim Karygiannis) just make his case even worse. Mr. Volpe, for the love of God step down from your campaign you have no chance of winning at all and you know it.